Danisco launches new website: Pig compass

14-06-2012 | |

Focusing on the three areas of raw material price volatility, manure disposal and health, Dansico Animal Nutrition has launched a new website at this year’s World Pork Expo to help pig farmers deal with the challenges arising from managing raw material price volatility, the cost of manure disposal, and optimal health maintenance: Pig compass.

Pig compass is designed to help pig farmers produce swine profitably in today’s increasingly volatile yet regulated environment, focusing on the above challenges.

Gwendolyn Jones, swine technical services manager for Danisco Animal Nutrition says:

“Our goal is to help pig farmers stay on course for profitable pig production in a sustainable way.

“The idea for the new website was borne from a decision to focus our efforts on providing healthy nutrition solutions to the key challenges encountered in the pig industry. The desire to investigate better ways of overcoming the industry’s challenges drives our innovation processes and improves the service that we can provide to pig producers.“

Go to Pig Compass for more information