Czech pig prices drastically fallen

05-11-2007 | |

Pig prices in the Czech Republic have fallen to an all-time low of Kè (€0.99) per kilo as a result of higher feed prices thus ensuring a long-term decline in the national herd.

Call for assistance
The Czech Agricultural Chamber’s (AKÈR) president, Jan Veleba, has called, at the beginning of October in a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture (MZe), for bridging loans to help pig farmers accusing the bigger pig producing nations within the EU – France, Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands of causing the surplus of pigmeat within the EU by permanently increasing production.

Czech slaughter pigs weigh in on average at 110kg, while the average weight of a healthy pig is 90kg and pig farmers have been accused of producing too fat animals which require more feed.

Strong crown
In addition, the strong Czech crown is increasing domestic-produced pork prices and pushing down the cost of imported meat.

In response, the MZe has stated that it has made clear to Czech farmers the kind of grants available to them arising from EU and Czech government funds. Unfortunately for the farmers, the EU does not permit the agriculture ministry to support the farmers directly; hence, according to Petr Habáò of the ministry’s press office, the government cannot respond directly the farmers’ demands.

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