Cypriot investigation into illegal pork exports

04-12-2007 | |

Cypriot agriculture minister, Fotis Fotiou, announced that an investigation has been launched into reports of illegal pork exports to Greece during the foot and mouth ban in September.

On Friday, veterinary officials in Piraeus, Greece confiscated 24 tonnes of frozen pork which they deemed were unsuitable for consumption.

An investigation showed that some of the meat was labelled after September 15. Due to the FMD outbreak, the European Commission had banned all meat and livestock exports from Cyprus.

Fotiou voiced his concern stating that “such errors cannot be made. This is serious”.

EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou commented that he had been made aware of the case through the media as an official from Piraeus had confirmed the findings to Mega television channel. Kyprianou said that a full investigation will now be launched as to whether the law had been violated.

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