Culinary students explore pork video

26-10-2006 | |

The US Pork Checkoff is creating an educational CD about the exact origins of pig meat.

Fewer young people growing up on farms today, leading to a disconnect with agriculture, even on America’s culinary schools.

The educational CD “Pork. One Cut at a Time” has to bridge that gap.

“As students are increasingly less agricultural, they really lose connection with the animals,” says Christopher Koetke, dean of the Culinary School at Kendall College in Chicago.

“But if you deconstruct it, all of those mystery cuts of pork start to make sense, and this becomes a ‘light bulb’ experience for many students.”

Students are introduced the whole pig, from the primal to specific cuts. They also learn why some cuts are tender or tough, depending on their location on the pig.

The digital format also allows them to review the material easily.

“Since you can’t keep bringing in whole pigs, this excellent CD helps us connect cooking methods to the different cuts, and students understand why they make sense,” Koetke says.


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