CTB Inc to acquire Uniqfill International BV

12-12-2007 | |

CTB Inc, leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of systems for the pig, poultry, egg production and grain industries announced on Monday that it has signed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Uniqfill International BV.

Uniqfill, located in Meijel in the Netherlands, is a designer and marketer of chemical and combination chemical/biological air scrubbers for animal livestock and other applications in the Netherlands, Germany and in other countries. Financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Air scrubbers are used to remove ammonia, undesirable odours and particulate matter from the air before it exits a pig house, poultry house or other type of facility.  

“Uniqfill’s products provide an effective solution to improving air emissions from agricultural and other applications. The company has a good position in markets which understand the value of this technology. This acquisition will assist our organisation in better serving our customers,” commented Victor A Mancinelli, CTB’s president and chief executive officer.

Uniqfill Managing Director Patrick Sanders added, “We are very pleased to be better positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand for our products through the capitalisation and infrastructure CTB can provide us, as well as through access to additional distribution channels in key animal agriculture production areas.”  

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