Croatian CSF insurance created

28-03-2007 | |

Croatia, coping with Classical Swine Fever (CSF) outbreaks, has introduced an insurance policy for farmers against losses incurred.

Local pig farms all around the country have been ravaged by CSF since last summer.

Top insurer ‘Croatia Osiguranje’, which is 80% state owned, now said it will be offering farmers a policy that will make up for profit losses if their hogs contacted CSF and had to be slaughtered.

Farm maintenance

The insurance will also cover farm maintenance expenses until production is restarted.

Tomislav Bigac of Croatia Osiguranje told reporters, “This is the first such insurance in Croatia. We know it is a risky policy but we want to help farmers overcome difficulties and continue running business.”

Large pig farms

Croatia has about a dozen large pig farms and a hundred smaller ones. The country scrapped vaccines against CSF in 2005, in line with EU regulations.

The contagious CSF broke out last July and has spread to eight of in total 21 Croatian counties.

Since then, about 14,000 animals have been killed, causing losses worth some 10 million kuna (€1.36 million).

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