CPF asks Thai government to reduce pig numbers

21-05-2007 | |

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) has asked the Thai government to address the “pig price crisis” by reducing supply.

The request came as a result of the demonstration last week by Thailand’s small-scale pig farmers in front of Bangkok’s CI Tower. The farmers were protesting against “unfair price fixing” by big conglomerates that were threatening their livelihood.

According to CPF’s executive vice president, Virachai Ratanabanchuen, it is up to the government to play a “key role” in resolving the issue. He said that the government should encourage breeders to draw up farm management plans to avoid over-supply and price fixing. He also suggested that meanwhile “hogs need to be culled by grilling piglets and limiting sows to five litters”.

Ratanabanchuen went on to say that the government should also campaign to increase the level of consumption of pork and pork products.

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