Countries see pig production downturn

06-03-2009 | |
Countries see pig production downturn

Canadian pig producers have reported a record decline in pig numbers over a one year period to 12.4 million head, 10.2% below the 13.8 million pigs recorded on the same day one year earlier (January 1), Statistics Canada has revealed.

Current prospects point to modest increases for both Canadian beef and pigmeat production during 2009, reflecting increased domestic marketing and declines in live slaughter and feeder animal exports to the US. Optimism has also increased due to the lower Canadian dollar.

Meanwhile, in November 2008, the French total pig herd stood at 14.8 million head, a fall of 1.2% since 2007. This fall is expected to lead to a 1.6% decline in French pigmeat production in 2009.

French government statistics agency, Agreste said in a report this week that in 2008 there were 176 000 less pigs in the French herd as compared with year earlier levels. Breeding pig numbers were down 2.9%, meaning that further declines in this herd can be expected.

The reduction in sow numbers has also been evident across other European pig herds. In Germany, the biggest European Union producer, a 6% fall in breeding numbers was recorded.