Cost reductions by Australian pork producer

18-10-2007 | |

In a press release today by QAF Meat Industries’ Managing Director Paul Pattison, it was stated that “around 75% of all processed pork, ham and bacon in Australia is made from subsidised imported cheap frozen pork”.

“There is now a serious crisis facing the Australian pork industry due to the large costs of producing pigs as the prolonged drought has pushed up grain prices to an all-time high. These costs cannot be passed on as competition is fierce from subsidised imports”.

QAF will reduce its stock on a number of Victorian farms until the market returns to normal.

The workforce will also be hit in the next six months with 100 jobs expected to go. Severance packages will be offered to those made redundant.

Pattison highlighted the fact that “every effort is being made to save jobs and to keep Australians supplied with home grown pork and pork products of the highest quality.”

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