Cooperation to distribute Fibosel®

02-03-2007 | |

Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Trouw Nutrition International, a Nutreco company, will cooperate on on the distribution of Fibosel®, a source of activated β -glucans.

Fibosel® contains activated β-1,3/1,6 glucans extracted from specificS. cerevisiae yeast cell walls. These natural polysaccharides have long been recognised for their strong immunostimmulatory properties, due to their ability to activate the non-specific immune response in the gut (especially macrophage cells), which, in turn, can stimulate the entire the immune response. Fibosel® is effective at a low dosage in young animal feeds (piglet feed, calf milk replacer, poultry starter feed ) as well as in fish and shrimp diets.


Over the years, Trouw Nutrition International has accumulated evidence of the benefits of Fibosel® through numerous zootechnical trials in pigs, ruminants, poultry and aquaculture. Nutreco’s research centres have executed scientific programmes to investigate the ability of activated β-glucans to boost an animal’s natural self defenses and therefore support animal performance.

Trouw Nutrition International Feed Ingredients has appointed as the exclusive Fibosel® distributor in the European and North American markets and in the main part of the Asian Pacific area.