Cooperation Canadian and Chinese Swine Industries

29-05-2008 | |

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between the Canadian Swine Exporters Association (CSEA) and their counterparts in China, the National Swine Industry Association.

The signing ceremony took place today at the 2008 China Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Expo in Xi’an China. Both Presidents were in attendance to sign the MOU: Mr. Jing Jizhong, Vice-Secretary-General, Senior Technical Director, National Swine Industry Association and Mr. Andrew Lavoie, President of the CSEA. The initiative is supported by the Canadian Trade Commissioners office of the Canadian Embassy, in Beijing.

The MOU aims to identify areas of common interest upon which a business alliance will be developed. Chinese swine breeders’ primary interest is to improve meat quality. The majority of Chinese operations are under 50 sows. Canada is recognized for having expertise in improvement and production technology and personnel training and has the strongest, healthiest genetics in the world to supply the Chinese herds. These needs and strengths, coupled with Canadian breeding stock available for export, have the potential to benefit producers in both countries.

Since 1980, Canada has been exporting breeding stock to China. This MOU recognizes the common interests and paves the way for further more structured cooperation, a dynamic exchange of information, increased networking and expanded commerce between the two countries. “China is a very important market for Canadian exporters” notes Rosemary Smart, International Marketing Program Coordinator (CSEA). “Forty-six percent of the world protein consumption is pork. Sixty-five percent of the total meat consumed in China is pork.” She feels the signing of this memorandum reflects a true cooperative intention from swine producers in both countries to join together for mutual benefit.

As a next step, the CSEA will be opening an office in Beijing by November of 2008 and will have a Canadian trained, Chinese national swine expert who has already worked, representing Canada, in the Chinese swine industry for many years. Four priorities of the CSEA trade office will be:
• serve the Chinese swine industry as the first contact point for technical support;
• set up training programs;
• provide liaison between Canada and China;
• assist Canadian exporters with marketing and promotion.

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