Continuous growth of Dutch pig exports

19-03-2007 | |

Dutch exports of finisher pigs and piglets keep on rising in 2007.

That conclusion can be drawn from figures published by the Dutch Product Board for Livestock and Meat (PVV).


Until week 10, the Dutch sold 904,689 piglets to foreign buyers – a 10.8% growth in comparison to 2006.

The majority of the increase in piglets went to Italy, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and Croatia. Less pigs were exported to Romania and Poland.


In finisher pigs, a 4.7% growth could be seen – which equals to an amount of 606,466 animals.

More finishers went to slautherhouses in Germany and Belgium. Italy and Hungary appeared less interested.

Last year, the Dutch pig producers already exported a record amount of pigs and piglets.

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