Conference on CSF prevention in Germany

04-10-2006 | |

A conference to be held this month in Germany aims to learn from the latest swine fever outbreak in the country, earlier this year.

The conference, called “After the disease is before the disease”, to be held October 21st, 2006, will try to draw lessons from the classical swine fever (CSF) outbreak in Germany, in other words: prevention is key.


In the months of May and June, CSF in wild boar contaminated several pig farms in the densely pig populated state of North Rhine Westphalia.
“The CSF outbreak in 2006 in North Rhine Westphalia clearly shows there is need for an improvement in measures against CSF outbreaks in pig herds from wild boar, just as there is need for enhancing crisis management in areas with many pigs,” a press release says.
All involved parties in pig production have been invited to join in the conference, to be held at the German Agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in Horstmar-Leer. The AVA is organising the conference together with the newly erected German Association for Pig Health (DGSG).


The conference fits neatly in the goals the DGSG is attempting to reach, being to unite all companies, veterinarians, organisations and associations around pig production, in order to improve pig health.
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