Coming soon: Future Farming

27-03-2017 | |
Coming soon: Future Farming
Coming soon: Future Farming

Technology and precision farming can often seem baffling, however, a new global magazine being launched in April is set to help farmers make sense of this fast moving sector.

Farmers are faced with a stream of new technology and are questioning which of these new tools and techniques offer real benefits to their business? They are also asking “how can they get the most out of it?”

These challenges are being successfully addressed by progressive farmers across the world, including North America, Europe and Australasia.

Global pioneers are increasingly using the same production approaches and the same technologies.

Who better to learn from?

Farmers want to learn from their peers across the globe, not just their local neighbours.

They want to know how overseas farmers are taking on the practical challenges of adopting these new ways of working, from financing the kit to acquiring new skills.

New, global brand

Therefore, Proagrica is launching Future Farming in April, a global brand that addresses the key challenges of forward-thinking farmers around the world, in print, online and face-to-face.

Like the audience, the contents will be global – a narrow, local view is no longer good enough.

Future Farming will explore what is happening on farms in all the most advanced areas of production, and track the latest technology wherever it originates.

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Richard Allison Editor in chief Future Farming