Colombia reports two swine deaths by Anthrax

30-05-2012 | |

Colombia has reported to the OIE an anthrax outbreak in the north of the country, in the La Guajira province in the town of Manaure on the Caribbean coast.

Laboratory analysis undertaken by the National Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Bogata confirmed positive results for the Bacillus anthracis pathogen in sheep and goats from the indigenous community to whom the affected population belongs. Among the goats and sheep, six pigs are present, two of which have died. The OIE report mentions among the stricken a person with skin lesions.

The epidemic is ongoing and normal control measures are being followed: quarantine, control of movement within the country, and vaccination of the susceptible species. The community has been further instructed on the disposal protocol, and warned against eating or handling the dead animals.

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