Cid Lines launches BIOPROTEXION

24-11-2008 | |

Cid Lines, the manufacturer of more than 300 cleaning and disinfection chemicals, has extended its range with the BIOPROTEXION BOX. It forms a part of the Service tools that Cid Lines provides to service its world wide customers base, to secure food safety.

BIOPROTEXION BOX consists of a special brief case, filled with service equipment and documentation. It can be filled according to customers demand, with items such as:

• detergent titration kits
electronic pH meter
• electronic conductivity meter
• swabs to measure protein residues (instant reading of “clean” – “medium” or “dirty”)
• personal protection equipment (goggles, gloves, hair nets, …)
• Ready To Use disinfectant in a spray bottle
• hand sanitiser, complying with the European Norms (EN)
• documentation with cleaning and disinfecting protocols, that can be customised
• personal protective equipment such ass overalls, gloves and goggles, etc.

It’s the next step after offering a 288 items equipment package for product application (foam lances, foam generators, pumps, dispensers …).

This tool is available for Hygiene Consultants who have been trained at Cid Lines Training Institute (CLTI) on Standard Operation Procedures for cleaning, disinfection, water treatment and disease prevention.

BIOPROTEXION by Cid Lines is the next step to bring HACCP from the processing plant to the farm and to apply the companies’ Innovative Hygiene Solutions “Farm To Fork”.

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