Chinese to install pig feed intake data system

18-11-2009 | |

Chinese feed company Shanghai Xinnong Feed will install an automatic data collection system related to feed intake at their research farm located in Xinchang, Nanhui District, Shanghai City, China.

The so-called Feed Intake Recording Equipment (Fire), manufactured by Osborne Industries, from Kansas, USA, will be used to test the performance of various feed rations and feed ingredients, and the genetic capabilities of breeding pigs.

Shanghai Xinnong
Shanghai Xinnong is a feed company that focuses on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of complete feeds, multi-premixes and concentrated feeds for large pig farms in China. Located in Shanghai, Shanghai Xinnong has been supplying feed to farms within Shanghai and the surrounding provinces for more than ten years.

Continuing their expansion in the feed industry, “Shanghai Xinnong plans to select the best performance breeding pigs, using the system to optimise their genetic selection programme”, says Zhang Yi Zao, farm director of Shanghai Xinnong Breeding Pig Farm.

The system is bound to be installed by the end of November.

The system automates data collection of feed intake, the weight of each meal an animal consumes, and the weight of each animal. Each feeder is equipped with an antenna which reads the individual Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, thus identifying each individual animal. The information collected by the feeders is then sent to the on-farm computer programme database.

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