Chinese to inspect ‘challenged’ pig sector

29-05-2009 | |
Chinese to inspect ‘challenged’ pig sector

The National People’s Congress, China’s legislature has launched an inspection program, to examine the challenges which the industry is facing.

An official from the Ministry of Agriculture has informed the NPC inspection team which issues were most pressing for the industry, including the losses pig farmers are suffering as a result of a significant and sustained slump in pork prices since the beginning of this year. Animal-related epidemic diseases are another prominent problem.

Gao Hongbin, Ministry of Agriculture, said, “The risks and uncertainty about animal-related epidemic diseases are increasing and have become a common problem facing all people. The bird flu, and swine blue ear epidemics in recent years, as well as the current A/H1N1 flu pandemic have caused significant impact on the stable development of China’s stock raising industry.”

Gao Hongbin said the international financial crisis has also added to the woes facing the industry. Both export and domestic consumption of home-grown livestock products have dropped.

Responding to these difficulties, the NPC will send inspection teams into the field in eight provinces starting in June, with the aim to improve the industry’s situation from legal perspective. The sales decline, together with the credit squeeze, has driven many producers to suspend or even shut down production.

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