Chinese sow farms install Nedap Velos ESF

04-11-2008 | |
Chinese sow farms install Nedap Velos ESF

In September 2008, one month after China’s first Nedap Velos Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) installation was finished; two more Chinese sow farms have been equipped with Nedap Velos ESF systems.

TianQuan, which is located in Sichuan province, Southwest China and TongWei in Hubei province, in the middle of China have decided to implement Electronic Sow Feeding in order to improve their overall farm performance (feed reduction and increase of life born piglet production).

The difference between these two farms and the first Nedap Velos project in Hunan province, is their farm management group housing model. The 1,200 sow project in Hunan keeps sows in static group housing production model, as the later installations take place in dynamic group housing farms.

Farm “TianQuan” puts 300 sows into a dynamic group during their gestation and is equipped with 6 feed stations, 1 separation unit and 1 heat detector. All sows are already trained and introduced into a dynamic group in this farm.

Farm “TongWei” is a subsidiary farm of Sha-Shi TongWei Feed Company. It has the same layout as TianQuan – 6 feed stations, 1 separation unit and 1 heat detector. The farm is still in construction, and its first batch of 300 sows will be introduced to Velos ESF in coming months.

The first three installations are being seen as a good start of Nedap Velos ESF in China.

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