Chinese pork exports down in beginning of 2008

06-05-2008 | |

Figures from China Customs show that pork exports halved in first two months of 2008 in comparison to 2007, news agency Xinhua reports.

In January and February, China exported 12,000 tonnes of fresh and frozen pork, down 55.2% from the same period last year. Export value declined by 16.8% to $37.62 million.

Pork exports began to slow down in June last year and recovered in September, but it went down again from the beginning of this year, according to China Customs.

Pork prices went up to $3,284 per tonne in February, a record since January 2007.

Narrowing gap
Analysts say the narrowing gap between domestic and international prices made companies more hesitant to export. Robust domestic sales during the spring festival in February, when Chinese people buy more food to prepare feasts during the traditional holiday, also diverted part of the pork supply.

Severe winter weather in southern China this year had disrupted transportation and caused delivery delay of many overseas orders, analysts say, adding that the cold weather had also hurt pig husbandry and tightened supply.

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