Chinese pig production rises 3.5%

08-12-2006 | |

According to a report by the China’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), China produced 540.77 million pigs, a 3.5% increase for the first nine months of 2006.

China exported 207,500 tonnes of chilled/frozen pork valued at US$301 million between January and October 2006. Approximately 75% of the products were shipped to North Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

China’s processed pork exports grew 10% to 106,600 tonnes, mainly to Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. China’s total exports of pig products including chilled/frozen pork, processed pork, as well as pork by-products and live pigs were valued at US$726 million.

In the domestic market, pig prices started to climb from this June, following a 21-month decline. MOA predicted the prices would continue to rise with increasing pork demand stimulated by New Year and Spring Festival.

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