Chinese government: subsidies for pig farms

20-06-2007 | |
Chinese government: subsidies for pig farms

For the first time, the Chinese authorities are giving subsidies and insurance policies to facilitate the development of the pig breeding industry and the increase of the pork production.

This week, China’s ministry of finance announced to give pig farmers a 50 yuan (€4.90) subsidy for each sow they raise.

The finance ministry will also subsidise pig farmers who take out insurance, according to a Chinese press agency.

Pork prices surged last month as the consequence of high feed prices.

Also a shortage of pork is due to price rises. A PRRS outbreak has swept through the Chinese pig population, killing over a million pigs last year and 18,000 this year.

With the price rises, concerns about inflation in China rose as well.

More policy measures
The ministry will also give cash handouts starting this month to low-income families and poor students to spend on pork.

According to state media reports, some local governments seeking to reduce grumbling about high prices have already started to make cash payments.

Prevention measures
Senior officials yesterday pledged to take more macro-measures to rein in pork prices while ensuring a stable supply of meat and other staple foods.

The measures will include better disease-prevention efforts and large-scale breeding, said Zhou Wangjun, vice-director of the National Development and Reform Commission’s price department.

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