Chinese army strict control of food costs

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Since pork prices began rising from 10 yuan (US $1.3) per kg in May to almost double now, even the Chinese army has been strictly controlling its regiment’s food costs.

Captain Jia Jingwei, who is director of the supply section of an anti-aircraft regiment of the Beijing Garrison Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), is quoted as stating that the army does not have money to squander.

Daily cost of pork
Around 125 kg of pork a day is consumed by his 1,000 soldiers amounting to 1,250 yuan ($164). The daily cost of pork has risen by more than 1,100 yuan ($144.7) since prices began rising. This amount exceeds the daily subsidy for 100 personnel.

A slaughtering and processing plant, which has a long-term supply contract with Jia’s regiment has also been forced to increase its prices.

Budget for food
According to Feng Liang, director of the military supply division of the PLA’s General Logistics Department “it is extremely difficult to source food for only 11 yuan ($1.4) per man without careful planning. An increase in food subsidies could relieve the situation caused by the pork price hikes.”

He goes on to state that the Chinese defence budget is quite small with regard to sums and per capita amounts.

“The Chinese army must ensure good meals, but at a reasonable cost.”

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