China Yurun Food’s subsidiary discovers clenbuterol

09-09-2011 | |
China Yurun Food’s subsidiary discovers clenbuterol

China Yurun Group Ltd has said that a live pig tested positive for the illegal feed additive, clenbuterol. According to a report by Reuters, the company’s subsidiary, Henan Yurun Beixu Food Co Ltd, made the discovery of the pig on 1 September in a pig batch from a supplier.

Clenbuterol is an illegal pig feed additive given to pigs so that they produce lean meat – which brings in higher profits at the market and also reaches the market sooner.

According to the firm, the pig was destroyed and there were no traces of clenbuterol tainted pork meat produced that day. Shares of China Yurun Food plummeted 16.1% on Thursday to the lowest in two years.
China has recently been hit by the clenbuterol scandal which led to the  Chinese officials  arresting  989 people accused of making and selling the illegal additive.

Pork meat is the most consumed meat in the country and recent scandals involving the meat has raised consumer and government concerns in the country. The Chinese government has taken steps this year to restore consumer confidence in pork, both at home and abroad, following the scandal.

Source: Reuters Africa