China: six jailed for tainted pork meat

30-12-2011 | |

Six people who have been found responsible for producing and selling clenbeterol-tainted pork have been jailed in China.

The Chinese court slapped the jailed with sentences of up to four years in jail. Clenbuterol is a chemical which is added to pig feed, making pigs leaner and in turn the lean meat brings in more money at a higher price. The chemical could be harmful to humans.
The jailed were convicted of “harming public safety”.
According to a Reuters news report, “The six butchers, who worked at a Nanjing slaughter house, admitted they had bought live pigs from central Henan Province, slaughtered and sold the pork earlier this year, even though they knew the pork had been tainted by clenbuterol. All six butchers signed contracts with the slaughterhouse in March 2009, vowing they would not sell clenbuterol-tainted pork.”
Earlier this year 113 were arrested in China’s clenbuterol scandal.

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