China: seven people arrested over poisoned pork

25-02-2009 | |

Chinese local authorities have detained seven people allegedly responsible for the recent case of pig-feed poisoning, which has sickened about 70 people in Guangdong province last week.

According to reporting by the China Daily, altogether nine people were identified to be responsible, the municipal public security bureau©revealed. The other two are still at large, but they are expected to be found soon.

All the suspects were either individual vendors or wholesale sellers, having businesses in Tianhe, Zengcheng and Baiyun districts.

The first case of poisoning, which involved clenbuterol, was reported in the city of Guangzhou on February 19. Clenbuterol is sometimes illicitly applied as an additive in pig feed.

Investigation showed that the contaminated animals came from several farms in Hunan province and were imported to different markets in Tianhe, Zengcheng and Baiyun districts of the capital through a wholesale market in Tianhe.

No fresh cases of poisoning have so far been reported.

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