China: recent pork prices drop

25-08-2008 | |

Retail prices of pork in China fell 0.28% in the week ending August 22. According to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the prices dropped to an average of 14.23 yuan ($US2.08) per 500 grams.

Easing pork prices
Pork prices have been easing since reaching a peak of 14.8 yuan in the week of February 4.
Slight price increase for meat, chicken and eggs
Reports state that beef, chicken and egg prices rose slightly in the latest week, while mutton prices were down.

Food costs, which make up a third of the consumer price index and have added onto inflation, ascended 14.4% from a year earlier in July, compared with 17.3% in the year to June.

China’s economic planning agency, the NDRC, surveys retail prices in 36 major cities.

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