China: Panda enters pig farm for a meal

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Hunger drove a wild panda to break into a Chinese farmer’s pig pen and eat their food, which was meat and bone, rather than bamboo, press agency Reuters reports.

State-run China Central Television said the giant panda had apparently descended from the mountains in a region of southwest China’s Sichuan province and was spotted in a field before the animal was found inside the pig pen, chewing on bones and spitting out the meat. After having eaten, the panda left.

Although classified as carnivores, the giant pandas’ diet is mainly bamboo. The animals are also known to eat honey, eggs, fish, oranges and bananas when available.

Pandas in China
Scientists believe there are around 1,600 giant pandas living in the wild in China, mostly in the mountains of the southwest. The endangered species are considered a national icon and its existence is threatened by logging, agriculture and China’s increasing human population.

Click here to see the panda chewing on bones.

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