China: number of PRRS outbreaks drops

30-07-2007 | |
China: number of PRRS outbreaks drops

The number of outbreaks of PRRS in pigs has been reducing, Chinese authorities claim.

That message was sent out by the Chinese ministry of agriculture in the end of last week. July counted a total number of 22,634 pigs in eleven provinces that were infected with the disease.

Of this number, 6,433 animals perished and 15,728 were culled.

Vaccination programme
The drop in outbreaks is due to a vaccination programme, the ministry says. Altogether 150 million millitres of vaccine has been used up until now to fight the disease.

Official figures in China indicate a number of 165,000 pigs infected with PRRS only this year, causing almost 46,000 casualites. Almost 43,000 were culled.

Due to the outbreak, prices for pork and pigs have been growing. As the vaccine is not fully available, the Chinese ministry of agriculture expects prices will continue to do so in the months to come. It is hoped 2008 will see a growth in vaccine production.

Recently, also Vietnam reported a PRRS outbreak.

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