China: New grain tariffs in 2008

04-01-2008 | |

Tariffs between 5 and 25% on grain exports are to be imposed in China during 2008, according to the Finance Ministry in a statement last week.

This represents the latest move to discourage exporting grain abroad as domestic grain prices soar.

Importers of Chinese grains, however, may be forced to source supplies elsewhere in countries such as the US, Brazil and Argentina.

As of Wednesday this week, tariffs of 20% will be placed on exports of wheat, buckwheat, barley and oats. A 25% tariff will be applied to wheat flour and starch exports.

For exports of corn, rice, soybeans, sorghum and millet, a lower tariff of 5% is to be imposed.

Exports of corn and wheat were suspended in mid-2007 amid fears that domestic grain output would not cover domestic consumption.

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