China: more measures to boost pig farming

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China: more measures to boost pig farming

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has promised measures to boost pig farming as short supply has led to continued pork price increases, causing concerns about effects on inflation.

Wen urged local governments to enhance the enthusiasm of pig breeders when addressing an executive conference of the State Council last week.

China’s pig production fell drastically in recent months. Farmers were disappointed as a result of rising feedstuff costs and low prices in past few years and also the massive pig culling after the outbreak of PRRS in some regions.

The short supply of live pigs kept driving the pork price higher. The wholesale price of pork in June represented a 74.6% surge from the same month last year.

The Chinese prime minister emphasised it is of great importance to increase pig production, which would help stabilise the pork price and satisfy the meat demand of the public.

He called on local governments to deliver the subsidies for breeding sows to farmers arranged by the central budget ‘as soon as possible’.

In order to increase disease control, Wen said vaccination shall be provided to farmers free of charges, and that subsidies shall be offered to farmers if their pigs have to be slaughtered for disease control.

Unreasonable restrictions
The premier said local administrative chiefs shall be held responsible for pork supply in their areas, and that all unreasonable restrictions on pig farming shall be abolished.

Local governments shall also increase or pay allowances for lower-income families and college students to ensure their living standards are not adversely affected by the higher pork prices.

Supervision will be strengthened to ensure substandard pork does not enter the food chain, and the central government will launch another emergency crackdown on the sale of unsafe meat.

In addition, China has released meat from reserves to help areas suffering from disastrous flooding, a commerce official said this week.

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