China lifts import ban on German pork

17-01-2008 | |
China lifts import ban on German pork

On January 15, China officially announced the lifting of the ban on German pork

Parliamentary State Secretary, Dr Gerd Müller, commented that this action represents China’s trust in Germany as a reliable trading partner.

For a number of years, on account of an outbreak of classical swine fever in Germany, China restricted German pork imports despite several attempts on behalf of the German Agricultural Ministry to ease the situation.

Following the signing of a bilateral agreement in December last year, the Chinese Veterinary Authorities paved the way for cooperation with Germany.

Müller emphasised that the speedy opening of the export market for German pork is of utmost importance for both sides. He expects the first dispatch of pork to China in the coming few months.

“We are looking forward to meeting the Chinese delegation at the International Green Week Fair in Berlin and will use the opportunity to advance our relations with China”, concluded Müller.

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