China faces PRRS outbreak

27-10-2009 | |
China faces PRRS outbreak

An outbreak of pathogenic blue-eared pig disease, also known as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, has appeared in five areas of China, the country’s agriculture ministry has announced.

An epidemic of the swine disease killed more than 80,000 pigs in 2007.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, after reports of outbreaks among pigs were published, the ministry sent teams to the area to investigate the reports. By 20 Oct 2009, of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, 5 provinces reported outbreaks of PRRS. There were 7600 pigs with disease, and more than 7700 had been culled. The numbers of outbreaks and pigs culled are much decreased compared to the same period last year [2008].

The ministry said Friday that the overall swine disease situation in China was stable. “So far this year, the overall swine disease situation in China remains stable, and in particular, the scope of highly pathogenic blue-eared pig disease has significantly shrunk,” the statement said.