China begins campaign against spoiled pork

29-11-2007 | |
China begins campaign against spoiled pork

As part of a new food safety campaign, China’s Commerce Ministry, announced yesterday that it will start a renewed drive against illegal slaughterhouses and the sale of diseased and spoiled pork.

On a regular basis, the Chinese media has revealed stories of spoiled food and medicines. International attention was recently drawn to tainted additives found in pet food exported from China to the US.

Pig industry crisis
The Chinese pig industry has suffered because of an outbreak of blue ear disease  in the last year coupled with soaring domestic pork prices putting extreme pressure on inflation.

Together with the health and agriculture ministries and police, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has stated that it will increase checks to ensure that no illegally slaughtered pigs or tainted pork appear on the market. On its website, it has called for combat against “illegal abattoirs, the sale of meat injected with water or diseased and other illegal behaviour”.

Leading the campaign to eradicate tainted and dangerous food products, Chinese Vice Premier, Wu Yi, admitted that most farmers were not knowledgeable about food safety and were still practicing backyard farming techniques.

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