China aims for higher pork production by 2015

09-03-2012 | |

The Chinese government has put together a five year plan to increase meat production and also to modernise the meat industry.

The country is aiming to produce 85 millions tonnes of meat by 2015, which is 7% up from 2010. It also plans to restructure the industry and invest more in food safety, quality and meat processing plants.
Pork meat
As part of the 5 year plan, the government wants pork production to also rise by 2015 to 53,6 million tonnes, which is 6% more than in 2010. 
Poultry production should increase to 17,8 million tonnes, beef production to 6,53 million tonnes and sheep meat production to 5 million tonnes.
In addition to the production increase in meats, the country wants to modernise the meat industry, so that that meat traceability in the chain is improved and that all companies comply with increasingly stricter sustainability and energy saving requirements.
China is also planning to invest in food safety and quality, by introducing a test system, also in meat processing plants that produce for the Western market.