Charoen Pokphand Group’s vision for 2008

04-02-2008 | |

Dhanin Chearavanont, chairman and CEO of Charoen Pokphand Group, related his company’s future business plans and workforce development in a statement released last week.

Chearavanont stated that the organisation will continue to grow its operations by focusing upon developing countries with strong economic prospects such as China, India, Russia and Vietnam. He believes that there are opportunities throughout the world that the organisation’s agribusiness and food industry can capture.

Swine genetics
In a latest development, he stated that the governments of China and Russia have approved the biotechnological and operational standards of the company, allowing for swine genetics to be imported from Thailand to the respected countries. In addition, CP is currently undergoing construction of a fully integrated swine production facility in Russia to serve rising consumer consumption

Dhanin reiterated his confidence in Thailand’s capabilities of deflecting threats from the US sub-prime crisis. He is of the opinion that Thailand should turn this crisis into an opportunity because the country is abundant with natural resources where agricultural products can be sustainably grown. Thailand is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers of rice and rubber for instance.

Price agreements
He has sought out a strategy to turn competitors into allies by synergising agricultural exporters from around the world to decide upon the appropriate prices of products.

“Why do we need to compete with Vietnam in rice trade, competition will ultimately turn it into a price war, nobody gains anything. However, if we work along side one another to set prices, it is a win-win situation, because no matter what the price is, rice is a product people will always need.”

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