‘Charlotte’s web’ site raises concern

28-12-2006 | |
‘Charlotte’s web’ site raises concern

A website linked to the film Charlotte’s Web is raising concerns among pig producer groups, as they fear the film is sending an anti-animal husbandry message to children.

The site, is part of the website of the children’s channel Nickelodeon.

The site contains a couple of anti-pork messages, allowing children to print out stickers at home that say ‘Pro-Pig, Anti-Pork.’

In addition, the website urges visitors to sign a petition to save the life of Wilbur, the talking pig in the film; it claims to have already more than 74,000 e-signatures.

Spokesmen for two state pork producer groups and the American Farm Bureau Federation said they are concerned about the anti-pork message that the website sends.

“It’s a subtle way to get 4-year-olds to get started on the anti-meat bandwagon,” said Mike Platt, executive director of Indiana Pork.

Renew efforts

Tim Maiers, spokesman for the Illinois Pork Producers Association, urged pork producers, to renew their efforts to get their message out to the public.

“It’s going to be hard for us to fight Hollywood’s dollars and the actors and actresses who come out and jump on that bandwagon,” he said.

The film, based on E.B. White’s classic novel, is produced by Paramount Pictures and was released this month.

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