Celebrity chef slates Irish pork producers

15-11-2006 | |
Celebrity chef slates Irish pork producers

Richard Corrigan, Michelin-starred chef, has described Irish sausages as the worst in Europe and compared eating a typical rasher sandwich as gobbling “pure badness”.

Corrigan had previously attacked Irish chicken, calling it “shit”, which resulted in a drop in chicken consumption last March. But in his recent attack he said that he felt “even stronger about industrial Irish pork” than about industrial chicken.

“People are happy to put a rasher and sausage under a grill and have the sausage sizzling away. But show me the meat content. We have crap sausages – the worst in Europe. You look at them and all you see is filler and white,” Corrigan said.

Big-brand producers reject comment

However, big-brand producers have rejected Corrigan’s comments, saying the market speaks for itself.

“The public makes its point by buying our quality products in their weekly shopping and that’s increasing,” said Galtee, Ireland’s top-selling sausage brands.

Supermarket spread killing Irish culture

Corrigan added that the Irish need to start eating real food and turn their backs on rip-off supermarkets that are inflating prices. He believes “supermarket spread” will eventually kill Irish culture.

But, according to Pat Daly of the Master Butchers Association, the problem is the average Irish palate, despite the increase in butchers “People want very cheap food”.


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