Canadians concerned about environment

27-11-2006 | |

Non-farming Canadians have a positive view of hog-farming, however, these views are being persuaded toward greater concern for the environment.

The attitude of non-farming Canadians toward hog farming has been positive in recent years, increasing from 49% to 59% in 2004. However, concerns have arisen.
Ipsos-Reid has been recording the awareness and attitudes of rural and urban non-farming Canadians toward hog production practices relating to food safety, the environment and animal welfare. There is an emerging concern amoung consumers about the impact of hog farming om the environment. Consumers have become concerned primarily with the quality of water and air pollution.
Vice president of Agribusiness, Food and Animal Health market research, Dr Susan Jones, notes that a strong majority of non-farming consumers believe the hog industry is well regulated and farmers adhere to the regulations and that the industry is looking for ways to improve environmental practices.
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