Canadian pork organisations form alliance

06-04-2007 | |

A strategic partnership between Ontario Pork, Alberta Pork and Manitoba Pork Council has been formed to streamline consumer marketing services.

The new alliance, called Pork Marketing Canada, will develop and implement a set of joint marketing initiatives targeting consumers, retailers and food service operators on matters pertaining to pork, including food preparation, health and nutrition and related industry issues.

Pork Marketing Canada is designed to capture efficiencies and maximise both human and financial resources to achieve the consumer marketing objectives of the three organisations.

“This union came about as a realisation that in today’s marketplace, the pork organisations need to combine strengths to address consumer issues, activities and relationships that are national in scope,” says Roy Kruse, director consumer services for Alberta Pork.

“We will be able to accomplish more by working together.”

The provincial pork organisations have already established close working relationships on various other initiatives including animal care and environmental issues.

“As the success and presence of our new alliance grows, the ultimate goal is to create one national voice for consumer services,” says Tracey Bryksa, public affairs and marketing manager for Manitoba Pork Council.

Increase marketing
Ontario Pork’s director of communications and consumer marketing, Keith Robbins, emphasised that the alliance allows each of the groups to increase the marketing and promotional returns for their producers.  As this initiative is phased in over the next two years, consumers and the industry will see a strategically-driven program designed to further expand pork sales in Canada.

As part of its marketing outreach to consumers, Pork Marketing Canada has launched its website. The site is designed to be a pork resource for consumers and will continue to evolve as the alliance grows.

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