‘Canadian Pork’ labelling launched

18-06-2008 | |

Canadian-produced pork is now being labelled as “Canadian Pork” at participating grocery stores throughout Canada.

The label, designed by Pork Marketing Canada, bears a Canadian flag and the words “Canadian Pork-Porc Canadien”, making it easily identifiable. The voluntary “Canadian Pork” label is being offered to retailers across the country to help Canadians identify and choose Canadian pork.

“Buying Canadian pork supports the agricultural community and the domestic economy,” Roy Kruse, manager of Pork Marketing Canada says. Canada’s pork industry contributes C$3 billion in income and accounts for 100,000 jobs across the country. In 2006, pork and live animal exports from Canada were valued at C$1.8 billion.

Canadian pork industry officials hope the new label will help pork producers through the toughest economic times they have faced in more than a decade. The unprecedented rise in the Canadian dollar and skyrocketing feed costs have created tremendous financial pressure on Canadian pork producers.

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