Canadian pork industry urgently wants answers

13-12-2007 | |
Canadian pork industry urgently wants answers

Canada’s 11,000 hog producers cannot wait any longer as their livelihoods are at risk. They are demanding to know whether governments support the hog sector and its future.

Clare Schlegel, President of the Canadian Pork Council, is quoted as stating in a press release yesterday, that the producers are not looking for grants, but rather some form of assistance to help alleviate the current pressures such as the high feed costs coupled with the strong Canadian dollar and the low hog prices.

Loans for pork producers
The CPC highlighted the fact that it has long called for governments to help producers by providing loans that are repayable with interest and by improving the existing risk management programmes.

It is imperative that the governments now assure the pork producers that these loans are in fact available – especially before Christmas.

“This industry is not like manufacturing. Producers cannot close their barns and walk away. They urgently need relief,” said Schlegel.

In addition, the Council has issued a ‘Question & Answers’ information sheet indicating that the current crisis is “beyond hog producers’ control” and that it is not a pure Canadian problem with both the EU and Australia experiencing difficulties.

The need to preserve the Canadian pig industry is emphasised by the Council. “It has a bright future with important competitive advantages including excellent genetics and a very high standard for animal health”.

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