Canadian pigs venture to Chile and China

10-01-2008 | |

Polar Genetics Group located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has announced the appointment of High Quality Genetic S.A. of Concepcion, Chile, as its exclusive representative and multiplier for Chile, Argentina and Peru.

An initial shipment of 275 GP Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc gilts and 16 GP Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc Boars was delivered from Canada to Chile by air in March 2007 for the multiplication of F1 parent gilts and Duroc terminal boars in order to supply high health replacement stock for both the development of an integrated commercial hog production system in Chile as well as to pig producers in Chile, Argentina and Peru.

The first litters were born in October 2007. In order to further grow and develop the system, subsequent shipments of GP stock are planned in the future.

In addition, the eventual inclusion of a GGP nucleus and central AI stud with the capacity to support the entire breeding and commercial pyramid is envisaged.

The company has also announced the formation of a Joint Venture company with the Heilongjiang Senyu Animal Husbandry Industry Co Ltd located in the province of Heilongjiang, China.

The new company named Heilongjiang Sino-Canadian Senyu-Polar Swine Genetics Co Ltd (Senyu-Polar Genetics) will breed both GP gilts and boars for the development of an integrated multiplication network that will produce and supply F1 parent gilts and terminal boars to pig producers in China.

The nucleus herd will also breed boars in order to supply a network of AI Centres that will be developed in the province to provide both terminal and maternal line semen for sale and distribution.

An initial shipment of 628 head including 542 GGP purebred gilts, 26 GGP purebred boars and 60 AI boars successfully arrived by air at the Harbin International Airport on Friday, October 12. Upon arrival the pigs were immediately placed in quarantine at the JV company’s new 700 sow capacity nucleus herd located near Jiamusi City.

The quarantine was officially completed on November 27, 2007. The breeding programme will commence which will be linked directly to the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement in order to achieve maximum genetic selection and improvement within the nucleus herd.

AI boars provided for the project will enter into semen collection for immediate distribution and sale following the quarantine and start-up period.

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