Canadian pig barns destroyed by fire

29-01-2009 | |

A multimillion-dollar blaze has swept through four large hog barns of swine genetics company, Hypor in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Fire crews were called to the Bon Accord Nucleus Unit in Ituna on Tuesday. “By the time we got all our equipment in place, everything was just engulfed in flames,” said Dave Elash, deputy fire chief for the Ituna and Area Fire Department. “The structure is totally demolished. There’s not much left,” he continued.

Ituna Mayor Glenn Leontowich said several dozen people were employed at the facility although no workers were present at the facility when the fire broke out. “It’s devastating for the community, of course. It’s one of our major employers of the area and hopefully they are going to be considering rebuilding,” he said. “It’s definitely going to hurt the economy in town.”

The barns held 1,200 sows and were valued at $8 million when they were built 10 years ago, local sources reported.

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