Canadian committee to probe listeria crisis

16-02-2009 | |

A Canadian parliamentary committee will investigate last summer’s deadly listeria outbreak, just a few weeks after the Canadian federal government announced plans for an investigation, the Toronto Star reported.

A subcommittee of the federal agriculture committee has pledged to carry out an ‘open and transparent’ investigation of the outbreak’s details at Maple Leaf Foods. The catastrophe led to infected meat, among which was a lot of pork products, which eventually killed at least 20 people and left hundreds, perhaps thousands, ill.

In addition, it will look broadly at Canada’s food safety system. It will have the power to call witnesses and produce documents.

The move comes amid growing controversy over the government’s examination of the largest ever meat recall in Canadian history. The federal investigation, to be lead by Sheila Weatherill, was fiercely criticised for being too secretive and limited.

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