Canadian Co-op Atlantic to stock Omega 3 pork

02-11-2007 | |

Co-op Atlantic, Canadian retailer will join with Natural Organic Food Group (NOFG) to introduce a new line of Omega 3 pork products in its supermarkets.

NOFG supplies the Pei Pork brand of Omega 3 pork products. These products originate from local farms where, according to Mario Maillet, president of NOFG, “the pigs are fed with a mix of roasted soybeans and flaxseed”.

First to offer
Vice-president of Co-op Atlantic, Robert Lemoine, is clearly enthusiastic about the new range of products stating that the company is the first in Canada to offer Omega 3 pork to consumers.

A survey conducted by the Nutrition Business Journal indicated that 80% of consumers are interested in consuming functional food products and 60% are knowledge about the benefits of Omega 3.

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