Canada slaying suspect claims he was set up

25-01-2007 | |

The Canadian pig farmer, accused of having murdered 26 women, told the police he was ‘nailed to the cross’.

The pig producer, 57, from Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, has denied the allegations ever since he was arrested back in February 2002.

Plain little farm boy
During an 11-hour video taped interview with the police, held the day after his arrest and shown in court yesterday, the jurors heard him tell police that he was ‘a plain little farm boy’ who liked to help people and who was being set up.

The man is charged with 26 killings, although the current trial only deals with six of them. The charges are based on personal items, human remains and blood stains found around the farm. Confronted with these facts, the farmer said, “That don’t mean I did it.”

He even denied knowing any of the victims, who were among more than 60 prostitutes who disappeared in Vancouver from the late 1980s to the end of 2001.

Police said he hired the women on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, took them to his pig farm, killed them and butchered their bodies.

DNA mixed in blood
On the taped interview, the man reacts with disbelief when the interviewer tells him his DNA has been found mixed with the blood of one of the victims in a motor home on his farm.

Playing the recording of the interview in the court is expected to last into Thursday. The court case is expected to last over a year.

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