Canada: pork exports drop in first half 2007

24-08-2007 | |

Canadian exports of pork dropped by approximately 6.2% in the first six months of 2007.

The total amount of pigmeat exports was 373,453 tonnes. The data were compiled by the Global Trade Information Services (GTIS). The main cause for the decrease is lower domestic production in Canada.

The US was the largest recipient of Canadian pork, taking just over 40% of all exports or 150,188 tonnes. That even was an increase of 3.5 tonnes.

Japan, the second-largest importer of Canadian pork, took around 103,168 tonnes (27.6%), which actually meant a decrease of 3.6% in comparison to one year before.

Along with Japan, exports to Russia (fourth place), China (6) and Mexico (7) dropped as well, the exports to Russia even decreasing 25.6% (minus 8,300 tonnes).

South Korea ended third in this half year.

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