Canada pleased to see Russian pork ban lifted

21-07-2009 | |

Several Canadian ministers have welcomed Russia’s decision to lift restrictions on imports of pork, pork products and live swine from Ontario.

Among the officials said to be content are Stockwell Day, the Canadian minister of International Trade and the Asia-Pacific Gateway, and Gerry Ritz, minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and minister for the Canadian Wheat Board.

This has been stated in a news release by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recently.

Pork is safe

“During my visit to Russia, I assured my ministerial counterparts that Canadian pork is safe,” minister Day was quoted to say. The announcement “demonstrates that our government is opening doors, removing trade barriers and constantly working on behalf of Canadian business and producers.”


“The decision by Russia to lift all remaining restrictions on Canadian pork will make a difference to the bottom line of our hog producers,” said minister Ritz.

“Canadian producers want to make their living from the global marketplace. That’s why our government will continue to fight for full access and fair treatment for Canadian pork producers across the world stage.”

The decision affects Ontario pork products produced before May 15 and after July 18, 2009, and means that Russia no longer has any H1N1-related restrictions on Canadian products.

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