Canada: Hog Farm Transition Program deadline extended

28-10-2009 | |

The first tender for the Hog Farm Transition Program, originally scheduled for October 28, 2009, will be delayed until November 4, 2009. The $75 million program is funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and administered by the Canadian Pork Council.

The decision to delay will ensure that the bulk of registrations received by October 23 will be processed, allowing more producers to participate in the first tender. Many of the registration forms submitted to date have required additional information, thus delaying the approval process.

Even with the extended deadline, not all producers that have submitted a registration to date will be eligible for the first tender. Some registrations require considerable follow-up with producers which may not be completed prior to the new deadline. For those producers who don’t participate in the first tender or are unsuccessful with their bids, a second tender will occur shortly afterwards.

Registration forms for the Hog Farm Transition Program are available from the Canadian Pork Council at

The first tender will now occur on November 4, 2009. All bids received by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on that day will be included in that date’s tender. Subsequent tenders will be held until the funds for the program have been exhausted or the program terminated.

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